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Clinical Trials and Cellular Research

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Stem cell trials and different experiments performed with them have been around for a long time. Scholars all around the world have been researching the effects and potential benefits of stem cells and now with the help of tissue engineering scientists and engineers have had a lot of success in the field of regenerative medicine. It is important to note that these experiments play a crucial role in understanding the human body's self repair mechanisms as it will not only help us find easier ways to help with functionality, but it is also a less expensive way in which people can avoid surgery. It was also found that in 2014, “70% of these trials were sponsored by academic institutions and 30% by private sector companies”, according to ScienceDirect.

Human stem cells are not just tested on humans but these cells have been tested on animals as well. There are many experiments that are proving the effectiveness of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. These experiments and trials have opened many opportunities in medical science to develop and treat different areas of the body, and many different diseases. Some of the findings have shown a biological difference between the functionality of the different human cells like the embryonic and the adult cells. Embryonic cells are seen progressing and helping develop tissues in animals whereas adult cells from the bone marrow are proven helpful in therapies and curing mature cell diseases and helping in killing those diseased cells. Some of the trials are still being done in order to fully understand their qualities. Even the Mesenchymal cells like adipose tissue, umbilical cord, and bone marrow have shown a lot of progress in most of the clinical trials.

According to the findings from The Conversation, stem cells were used to test drugs, in which “researchers could take a skin sample of a patient, induced pluripotent stem cells from the mutation, and then make neurons out of these cells.” Another trial was done when 3 patients experienced a loss in vision when they got injected with body fat stem cells. And this happened because body fat stem cells are adult cells and they are more complex than the embryonic cells because the adult cells cannot develop into any cell type, they can only be a subset of mature cells. It is important to get them in the right quantity and it's harder to find them as well.

Despite the failures of major organ stem cell treatment like the brain, it has been fairly successful in areas like joint pain, back pain, tissue regeneration, dentistry, and much more. According to the findings from Nature News, “a Japanese woman was announced to be the first person who had her cornea repaired using a programmed stem cell.”

When we think about the types of diseases that can be cured by stem cells, there isn’t a limit. There is a lot success and progress that is occurring in stem cell trials. If you feel you need to get surgery or a stem cell injection, it is highly recommended to talk with your provider before making any of those decisions. When done in a properly regulated clinic, there are very few risks.

Posted on 12-9-2020

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