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International Regenerative Medicine Marketplace

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The global regenerative medicine industry is projected to grow rapidly over the next 5 years. It doesn't show any signs of slowing down for most countries. Currently, the largest single market is North America partly due to the increased practice of tissue engineering and stem cell banking through the use of donated cord blood . With the gradual increase in chronic conditions, so too has regenerative medicine increased to aid in treating these conditions.

Stem Cells have a mixed reception in different markets throughout the world. These differences cause people to become “Medical Tourists” to seek treatment in a different country because of more relaxed legislation.

In Japan, the government opened up stem cell research causing a flood of new businesses to storm the market. While the guidelines set by Japan do state that stem cells need to come from certified labs, the requirements to open a regenerative medicine clinic are shockingly low. Many of the services offered by these clinics are at best unproven and at worst dangerous. The treatments people seek regenerative medicine in these clinics to both prevent aging as well as help with conditions like atherosclerosis. The legislative trend of loose regulation on stem cell clinics has influenced more than just the Japanese market. Other countries are beginning to emulate the pattern of limited oversight.

For instance, Taiwan has implemented policies that focus on creating more opportunities for stem cell clinics. The legislation first addresses the concerns of health and the source of stem cells. Lose regulations allow clinics to advertise stem cells as general cure-alls with very little scientific data to back them up. Not all countries are so open with stem cell procedures.

Germany for instance has a more restrictive policy regarding embryonic stem cell use in experiments. While some more recent exemptions have been instituted, the use of embryonic stem cells is extremely limited. That limitation has not stopped the private stem cell market from exploding in popularity. Currently Germany is considered one of the major players in the European stem cell market. The increase in regenerative medicine is partly due to the high quality care available at german stem cell clinics, as well as an increasing frequency of chronic health issues.

Here at Minneapolis Regenerative Medicine we seek to provide the highest level of stem cell therapy available in the Twin Cities. We only treat patients with joint pain and other chronic conditions that stem cells have proven positive effects on. Our cells are found in umbilical cord tissue sourced from New Life Regenerative Medicine. Before the procedures take place a healthy donor will be selected and run through a battery of exams to insure the health of any samples. After samples have been collected, three separate processing facilities are used to treat and randomly test for any pathogens. To learn more about the in-depth process of stem cell extraction feel free to visit the clinic’s cite at:


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