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Athletes & Regenerative Medicine

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

We all come from different backgrounds, different beliefs, different cultures, but a common ground in all cultures is sports. Individuals can be even more passionate about sports and their favorite athletes than for any other aspect of culture. With such a fan following, professional athletes have to perform to the best of their ability during every game. Sometimes during a game or a practice, these athletes get injured, and these injuries can be long term issues. The recovering process can cost them their entire career and there is a lot at stake, not just for them but their fans and followers as well.

In every sport, there is potential for severe injuries, that even after treatments such as rehab and surgical methods, the athlete’s injury is not fixed to the point that they could return to his/her sport at the same level. The injury might heal completely with more time but they are not able to return to play as soon, however, in many professional sports there is only a certain period of time in an athlete’s life in which an athlete will be able to compete physically.

Athlete swimming underwater in a pool.

Many athletes are switching from painful and time-consuming methods to a less expensive yet more effective way. There is a trend among athletes to move towards getting stem cell therapies instead of surgery or other traditional treatments. Some of the most well-known athletes in the world have opted for this method. If you’re thinking that only certain injuries can be cured with stem cells or regenerative medicine, it is not completely true.

For a while, people doubted whether or not to use stem cell therapy but right after these athletes did it, it got popular in the market and many people around the globe started taking it.

Some of the most recognizable names in sports have used these methods, including Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Garrett Richards, Christiano Ronaldo, David Payne, and many more! These athletes all needed stem cell therapy for different areas and injuries. Some did it for knees, some for the ligaments, some tendons, and much more (such as pain caused by Musculoskeletal injuries). The most common question asked after a famous athlete goes through the regenerative medicine path is why did they choose it? Is it safe? Is this the proper form of treatment for my injury? And the answer is yes. It is completely safe and is very effective as well as less expensive and less painful. And many people choose it over other treatments because they can go back to normal and their issues are resolved. And athletes use it so they can play again and they don’t have to give up their career. Instead of taking steroids, people are taking stem cell injections which are completely different from steroids. Steroids treat the pain, not the underlying issue, and therefore, an individual can have the pain back within a few weeks but stem cell injections can work for many years. Steroids ultimately destroy the body in the long run whereas stem cells are working towards rebuilding the body. In stem cell therapy, the cells can be taken from the patient's own body and implanted back into them with some medical process, this is also called tissue engineering which helps the tissues to regenerate and keep multiplying to keep the growth going on.

Athletes go through a lot of injuries, some of which include the MCL(Medial Collateral Ligament), ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament), tendon injuries, knee injuries, which could take a long time to recover from, but some athletes have been proactive in the prevention stage of their career and they decide what is right for them and they take precautions accordingly. Some go under intensive exercise mode to keep themselves more active and fit. Some also go a more scientific route in order to have their bodies working at their best. They start taking regenerative medicine pathways via stem cell therapy, which helps them make their body and stem cells work more effectively and prevents most cases of injuries and helps recover faster. But before taking any step, one should see a doctor and get their advice.

Posted 12-23-2020

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